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    An ULTIMATE war for the world supremacy now begins.
    Only three tribes currently remain in the world and there are endless wars occurred among them.

    Researching, building, summoning monsters, making an ally, collecting resources from your colonies, fighting a battle and Armageddon… The way to being the most powerful ruler depends on your combative strategies for making use of all these elements wisely.

    Are you ready to RULE THE WHOLE WORLD?

    ★ Monster Warz: ULTIMATE includes 200 crystals to help your play and additional 100 crystals will be sent to all users as celebrating an initial release ★

    ★ Main Features
    * Strategy network game of increasing your colonies by defeating other players and reinforcing your castle.
    * Real time Online Monster Battle with multiple players throughout the world.
    * A great variety of monsters from explores, research and market are key factors for a battle
    * Select your side among 3 tribes having relative dominance: Seraph, Tharsis, Gaia
    * Reinforce your strength by allying with other players
    * Make your colonies and collect taxes from them
    * Distinguish the strongest tribe in Armageddon, thousands of players join
    * After Armageddon, Boss Monster comes. Another major battle, RAID SYSTEM
    * Diverse hero cards with fantastic illustrations used for fights and research
    * Various quests to help to progress

    ★ Reminder
    - Network Connection (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) is required to play Monster Warz: ULTIMATE

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