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    [Introduction] How to play Monster Warz: ULTIMATE Empty [Introduction] How to play Monster Warz: ULTIMATE

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    Monster Warz: ULTIMATE is a strategy network game for increasing colonies by defeating other players and reinforcing player’s own castle. It’s a real time online monster battle with multiple players throughout the world.

    Summoning Monsters
    1. Use Nuke to summon monsters.
    2. You can summon different monsters by Monster Research level.

    1. Each section has different required time and amount of resources.
    2. You can obtain more resources by Exploring Research level.

    Capturing Monsters
    1. You may capture monsters when you use a Hero Card during the exploring.
    2. If the Hero Card has higher level, success rate of capturing and number of monsters will be increased.
    3. You can capture more monsters by Capturing Research level.

    1. You can collect resources at information screen. (per 1 hour)
    2. You can collect additional resources from your allies at Ally screen. (per 1 hour)

    Black Market
    1. Stocks would be refreshed every 1 hour.
    2. You can refresh the stocks instantly, and it will cost 2 Crystals.
    3. Higher level monsters will appear by Black Market Research level.

    Crystals that you buy are spendable in every server.
    (However, free Crystals that you obtained during the game play are only spendable in the server where you obtained those Crystals)

    Hero Card
    1. There will be additional effect if you use a Hero Card during the battle.
    2. If you use a Hero Card during the exploring, you may capture monsters.

    1. You can collect additional resources from your allies.
    2. When you collect at the Alliance Screen, both you and your allies get additional resources.
    3. Allies may send you supportive forces when you are under attack.
    4. You can only be ally with same Tribe.

    1. 5 kind of your high ranking monsters will be automatically enter the battle.
    2. When you win the battle, the opponent would be your Colony.
    3. You can collect more resources as much as colonies that you conquered.
    4. If you made colony of natural enemy Tribe, you will get more resources.
    5. The Player which has been attacked would be under Protection Mode for 5 to 10 minutes.

    1. Seraph < Tharsis < Gaia < Seraph
    2. Weaker tribe takes 10% more damage from stronger tribe.
    3. Stronger tribe takes 10% less damage from weaker tribe.
    4. Weaker type monster takes 30% more damage from stronger type monster.
    5. Stronger type monster takes 30% less damage from weaker type monster.
    e.g.) When Tharsis attacks Seraph's Seraph monster with Tharsis monster. Seraph's monster takes 40% additional damage.

    1. You can activate the Armageddon, if you collect each 1 of 3 different types of Dragons.
    2. The Armageddon takes 24 hours to end.
    3. The players of Tribe will be rewarded by the Battle ranking.
    4. The player who activated the Armageddon gets 100 Battle Score.

    Armageddon Reward
    1. 1st place tribe: all the member receives 100 Crystals (The best 1% players receive medals)
    2. 2nd place tribe: all the member receive 50 Crystals (The best 0.5% players receive medals)
    3. 3rd place tribe: all the member receive 30 Crystals (The best 0.3% players receive medals)
    4. The effect of medal: Increase power of the owner's monsters.

    1. After the Armageddon, boss monster comes randomly in 24 hours.
    2. The players have to cooperate with their tribe to defeat the boss monster.
    3. Participants of Raid will get Artifact randomly regardless of victory or defeat. Players who success on hunting Raid monster will get Tribe buff randomly.

    1. Ranking list would be arranged by players' score.
    2. Ranking list would be updated in almost real-time.
    3. The list of players in Battle Screen would be arranged by the ranks.

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